Just The FAQs

We are always open to having a conversation and answering your questions. For those times when you can’t make a call or just want to keep it simple, we’ve created a list of FAQs. We always add new FAQs to help you facilitate the hiring process, so check in whenever you need an answer to a basic question.

What does Update do?

We are people inspired! We place professionals on a freelance and permanent basis. We solely represent creatives in the graphics industry: Art and Copy, Multi-Channel, Multi-Platform for Interactive (web, motion, app, mobile); Print and Presentation; Broadcast and Video.

How do I request an Update Freelancer?

We represent the best in the industry and they definitely want to work with you. You can reach us via phone at 212.921.2200, via email: contactus@updategraphics.com; or if you know the name of the client development person, follow the protocol: FirstInitialLastName @ updategraphics.com.

How do I become an Update Freelancer?

We are always looking for great talent. You can reach out to our recruitment team via phone 212.921.2200, via email: contactus@updategraphics.com; or if you have the name of the recruiter, follow the protocol: FirstInitialLastName @ updategraphics.com

What is a four-hour minimum?

A four-hour minimum applies to all contractors working on hourly basis.

Daily rates?

Daily rates are determined by multiplying the hourly rate by ten hours. If a candidate works 6 hours or 12 hours, the rate is the same agreed, upon day rate.

If the amount of time worked is close to or more than 12 hours for 2 or more consecutive days, additional compensation will be required.  Please contact your account team to discuss details.

Project rates?

Project rates are determined by outlining the Scope of Work which includes but is not limited to project parameters, revisions, start date and delivery date. Anything outside of the scope will be billed at hourly rates based on the skill-set. 

When are timesheets due? How do I get paid?

Timesheets are always due at  Noon, on the first Monday following the week worked. If a holiday falls on Monday and our offices are closed, the timesheet is due on Tuesday by 10am.

Timesheets are to be filled out on a daily basis, rounded to the nearest quarter hour (.00, .25, .50, .75) and tallied at the end of each day; then, totaled at the end of each work week.

Manager’s approval is required for processing all timesheets. Approval must be received by the first Monday at  Noon following the week worked. If a holiday falls on Monday and our offices are closed, the approval is due on the Tuesday by 10am.

The candidate is responsible for obtaining approval for their hours worked from the hiring manager. Candidates working off¬site may submit their timesheet to the manager via e¬mail for approval. Your Update recruiter contact must be cc’d on the email requesting approval. The client must “reply all” with “Approved” in the body of the email for the process to be completed and timesheet processed for payroll.

Update Graphics Application

When do I get paid?

As long as your approved/signed timesheet is in by Noon on Monday (Tuesday by 10am, if a holiday falls on a Monday), you will be paid on Thursday of the same week. 

If a holiday falls on a Thursday, you will be paid on the Wednesday.

Please contact your recruiter if you have any questions.

What if I have an inquiry about my check?

If you have any questions about your check, rate, or time, please contact your Update recruiter contact, at once. They will make sure your issue gets resolved immediately.

When does the week start and end?

Each work week starts on Monday, 12:01am, and ends on Sunday, 11:59pm.

I’d like to place a job request

Use our online job request form. Of course, we are happy to discuss your request directly! Please call us at 212.921.2200, any time. Our team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

How do we work off-site? Or work virtually?

To assure success on all off-site and virtual projects we require that the scope of work form completed, discussed and signed by all participating parties. The Scope of Work outlines all tangible aspects of the project; specifics like kickoff date/time, due date/time, billing time, scheduling, deliverables expected, rounds of revisions, wait time, cancellations, rendering time, etc.

What do I need to know about starting a virtual project?

Work begins on the date and at the start time outlined in the Scope of Work. Once a candidate is hired for a specific start time, unless cancelled as outlined in the Scope of Work, the project begins. Once the project commences, you are securing a freelancer’s time for your project. Update DOES NOT MANAGE YOUR PROJECT; WE DO HELP YOU DEFINE YOUR SCOPE OF WORK. We do track your project for clear communication between the committed parties; and we request a cc: on all correspondence to assure that your project is progressing smoothly.

I am missing an invoice, who do I call?

If you have a billing, rate or invoice issue, please contact your Update client development manager, they will handle your question immediately.

How do I request reports?

If you require billing or usage reports for forecasting and planning, please contact your Update client development manager.

What is Update Creative’s Referral Bonus program?

Update is always looking for great talent! And we know that GREAT TALENT knows GREAT TALENT, so tell your friends about us! We offer a $250 bonus once the candidate, who was referred works 100 hours through Update. Now that’s worth sharing!

401(k) Savings Plan

Individuals can begin participation either January 1st or July 1st of every year after the requirements are met.  The deadline for submitting enrollment applications is the 15th of the month proceeding the enrollment date.

The following requirements must be satisfied to participate in the 401(k) plan:

(1) You must work with Update for 12 months and a minimum of 1000 hours within that time.

(2) You must be at least 21 years of age.