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Update Creative has a network that successfully finds and places freelance, freelance-to-hire, and permanent staff for art and copy positions. We work from inception of the concept and project management through design, production and presentation process utilizing all of the emerging technologies, and across multiple platforms – digital, app & mobile, and video. Submit a Job Request

We find the talent you need by creating and building relationships with creatives, so you can have the talent you need with one quick e-mail.

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You work in an interactive world. Virtual and on-site projects for print, digital and mobile alongside social media strategies, and viral campaigns are all part of your repertoire. You need a partner working in the same world you do. Update Creative employs digital solutions for a digital world.

By leveraging our people skills we build relationships with creatives to find you the best talent. We use the efficiency of technology and the personal touch of our recruiters to create trusting relationships that help you build your business, expand you capabilities, and create satisfaction for your client.

We value the creatives that choose to work with us. The people we place with your organization are the employees of Update Creative. This means first we’ve vetted them thoroughly for skill, work experience and career goals. We meet each creative in person (sometimes via Facetime or Skype), confirm their education, check references, run background checks and insure they are an all-around fabulous person, before you get to meet them! The talent you meet from Update Creative is thoroughly screened for your project. It’s our way of making sure you receive two or three resumes from us instead of the 400 “may-be-qualified” set you would receive from a direct posting. You will receive an invoice directly computed from the freelancer’s hours along with any approved expenses…like a cab or a snack.

We are always there for you, 24/7 to connect you with the right people for your project by screening, setting expectations, and preparing our creatives for success with your project.

Update Creative. People Inspired.